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23 August 2022

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Joe McCaffrey, who is no stranger to articulating a vision when reviewing Ireland's economic impacts, will be speaking at the upcoming Bisnow event. Joe joins Mark MurdockPeter Lynn and Andrew Muckian in Dublin to discuss Unlocking Value in Dublin's Office Market.

The commercial and office market has completely transformed since the pandemic - putting pressure on business owners to adapt working practices and landlords to innovate their office models.

Now is your chance to get your tickets to hear Joe talk all about the changes in the workplace in Dublin.

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Event details: Dublin's Office Market Update

8 September, 8-11:30am
Venue: The Round Room at The Mansion House, Dawson St, Dublin 2, Ireland

Panel details: Unlocking Value In Dublin's Office Market
Panel session time: 8:55-9:35am

Panel Questions

  1. What’s happening in Dublin's office transactional market right now? Who is buying, selling and holding, and why? 
  2. How is Dublin's development pipeline looking? Supply and demand overview - is Dublin at risk of oversupply?
  3. Lettings update - who is taking space, where and how much? What type of leases are being done? Which developments and locations are in highest demand?
  4. How are companies looking at changing their office portfolios due to return to work policies - what are the differences between different types of sectors, what are the drivers behind decision making? 
  5. What are tenant’s priorities when considering new office locations? Location used to be number one, but with the shake up to the sector from the past couple of years, do you predict a permanent shift away from this being top priority? Is the future in our city centre, or are we looking at a more suburban landscape with a decentralised workforce?
  6. What impact is the risk of stranded assets having on investor and lender sentiment?
  7. With a number of headwinds impacting the market, such as inflation, rising costs, labour and material shortages, geo-political climates, what other key risks are there for investors, lenders and developers now?