Adrian Shanahan

Senior Project Manager | Data Centre & Technology Lead


"I am particularly proud of how agile were as a firm in response during Covid-19. A personal highlight during those unprecedented time was ensuring that one of my largest projects continued to ensure the delivery of critical infrastructure while minimising impact on programme and budget."  - Adrian Shanahan 

Adrian Shanahan

Adrian is an experienced Senior Project Manager with over 15 years’ experience in project delivery. He joined Duke McCaffrey Consulting in 2019 as a Senior Project manager and has significant experience of working client side and has delivered projects for developers, data centre operators and local authorities. He is currently working with Clients such as Keppel REIT DC, Digital Realty and Holy Trinity.

Adrian’s particular skillset includes leading the design and construction teams to deliver projects on time with within programme.

His experience includes Project Management delivery on projects such as Digital Realty, DUB 11 Clonshaugh Business & Technology Park, Keppel Data Centres DUB02 Datahall 3, Ballycoolin, Keppel Data Centres, DUB02, Datahall 4, Ballycoolin, Keppel Data Centres DUB01, EngineNode Data Centre 1, Bracetown and Gunnocks, Co. Meath, Residential Development at Palmerstown Road.


I don’t believe there is a concise list of the qualities that will make a person an excellent Project Manager, what I can say is that through out my career I have identified a number of area that a key and I continually develop personally.

Being a good communicator has to be one of the most valuable skills in a PMs toolbox. You cannot understate the importance of having the ability to provide clear and concise instructions to a design team or taking a brief from a client, effective communication is key. Never forgetting that in communicating the ability to listen is as important as speaking.

Whilst there is no denying the following a logical process is a key component of being an excellent project manager, I believe that technical expertise are absolutely necessity. When you’re working with a multi-disciplined design team on a large project such as a Data Centre, Pharmaceutical or Lifesciences you need a firm grasp of all of the technical aspects of a project to ensure that you can deliver it in line with your clients requirements.

Problem solving skills and knowing what you don’t know. As project manager I am firmly focused on the outcomes, projects are often complex and have tight timelines and budgets. You need to draw on your experience, your creativity to solve issues as and when they arise. Alongside this is recognising that you don’t have all the answers and that you are able to call on colleagues and team members to assist and ensure the best outcome for the project.

Having the ability to work under pressure is paramount, as Project Managers we love to plan ahead, track progress against program whilst hitting our milestones. People and projects are dynamic, issues can and do arise. Pressure comes in many forms, we can rarely control the causation of these pressures but we can ensure we have strategies and skills to deal with them when they do. Thinking on our feet, taking onboard the concerns and requirement of our key stakeholders and delivering.

Integrity. As Project Managers we are hardworking and honest, these are fundamental components of integrity. We need to be consistent in our actions and behaviours with all team members. Project Managers bring teams together, acting with integrity, recognising the hard work of others, sharing success and carrying burned in equal measure will ensure others bye into your vision. In client side Project Management we are clients reprehensive, acting without or not having integrity is a fundamental failure of our duties.

On the face of it “Challenging the status quo” means offering an alternative ideas. To me as a member of Duke McCaffrey it goes deeper than that.

The status quo doesn’t have to be negative, things are often the way they are for very good reason. Change for the stake of change isn’t always a good thing. ‘Challenging the status quo” means were not hung up on or restricted by what is established and sometimes stale. As a firm we have a huge depth of experience, rather than choosing to rest on these laurels, Duke McCaffrey are always seeking innovative and improved ways to better deliver for our clients.

Our approach of challenging the status quo is business wide, from new graduate to director level we are a team. There is a genuine collaborative approach to how we go about our work, team members are supported, empowered and resources made available to ensure they can reach their personal and professional goals.


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Holy Trinity Belgrave

Rathmines, Dublin

Value: €3.6m
Data Centers

Keppel Roof Upgrade Works

Value: €1m

Digital Reality Dub 13 Blanchardstown

Blanchardstown, Dublin

Value: €4m